Will PHP exist in the year 2024? Is it recommended to learn the PHP language in the year 2024?

Will PHP exist in the year 2024? Is it recommended to learn the PHP language in the year 2024?

Today we are talking about whether we will still use PHP in 2024, and if you're looking to learn how to code or program, would you recommend that you learn PHP in 2024?

Well, let's talk about it all. So, we know there are thousands of programming languages out there, and we know that only a handful of them get the vast majority of attention when it comes to what people want to use. It's actually more than a handful, but in essence, a very small fraction of the number of programming languages out there gets the vast majority of attention. But what we always recommend is that if you're going to be looking at a programming language, should you go based on what's popular in terms of the common vernacular in terms of the conversation, or should you take a deeper look into the programming?

Will PHP exist in 2024?

The answer is yes, and yet, because it's very important, you understand the context. a web developer, a WordPress developer.develop websites, and because it's a very particular stack, 

  1. obviously Linux is the operating system most widely used. use an Apache server; use SQL for the database; and in essence, PHP is considered part of that stack.
  2. It works with those that are best suited for the web, so obviously HTML is a part of that, CSS is a part of that, and JavaScript is a major part of websites.
  3. If I'm looking to build a website for the back end, PHP dominates in terms of the scripting language or the programming language used for dynamic websites. PHP still has about 70 percent, or maybe even closer to 80%, of the market share.
  4. The most famous sites that have used PHP up to this moment Facebook uses PHP very extensively.
  5. PHP is still one of the main languages used by WordPress. Millions of websites are coming online every single day, and that means PHP developers are still going to be highly in demand.
  6. PHP has evolved significantly; we're already on PHP 8.3, and the performance of PHP now in comparison to how it used to be is significant; it's extremely fast.
  7. About 76.8% of all websites published in the entire world are programmed in or included in the programming language PHP.
  8. 62% of these sites are now using PHP version 7. This is a positive indicator. This means that people are still in demand and will continue to develop these sites again. This means that people who work in PHP 7 will certainly need to develop themselves over time if they are to work in PHP 8 and need She adds new features to her site, so it will still be in demand on PHP.
  9. There is a section on PHP on Microsoft's website, which is strong evidence that PHP is still strong. It is widely used on the web in general, to the extent that the company that designed the language The competition up to this moment also uses PHP in some of its codes or on its own website.
  10. Wikipedia site, and until now, he has not used anything other than PHP. It is a famous and large site dedicated to payment, transfers, and all of this, and it still uses PHP only, native-like this, or, of course, with its framework, but without any other back-and-forth language. 
  11. Finally, the thing that will keep her from dying and that will make her feel strong is the frame. Work supports it strongly, and it is Laravel PHP. Laravel, by the way, is supported by Symphony, and its spread is really strong because this will make competition high.

Why is PHP so popular, why do 76% of websites use it, and why do most freelancers work in PHP?

PHP is really an easy language to learn; it's not that difficult to learn, and there's so much information out there on the web, so right here on YouTube, there's a significant amount of videos and tutorials that people put out all the time.

Its community is large, so you will find a solution for any problem, and at the same time, if you want to learn it, you will find very many resources on the Internet, whether on YouTube, w3schools, or others. Even from any other site, just write any problem you have in PHP, and you will find a solution on StackOverflow, on w3schools, on YouTube, and even on Facebook. You will find a million sources for the language because the community or the number of users is large. Then, when you start talking about tutorials found on websites, there are millions of websites that have tutorials on how to use PHP for web development.

The third thing that makes it popular, especially among freelancers or even companies, is that it is a little cheap. The cost of programmers for this language is cheap because PHP speaks it a lot, as we said, so it is easy to find one, two, three, or more people working in this language, so of course the competition will be high. Therefore, the cost of the web will be lower than in other second languages.


For each language, you will find a strong point that distinguishes it from others. The best thing, of course, is that you use the strengths of each language and create a website in the other, or a large, strong project. There will be no problems if you exploit the strengths of each language and create your own project. This is, of course, if the project is really large. If your project is small, you cannot rely on one language, and PHP will be suitable for you, no problem.

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