learn basic HTML&css

 what is HTML?

Stander for hypertext markup language that's where we get name from and it's a markup language not programming language so we use HTML to structure content on a web page things like text,imag and forms and all that kind of just and 

we do that by using what's known as HTML tags now text  represent different types of contents  or information on a web page for we'd have a certain tage for an image a certain tag for a form or paragraph text etc now you might also hear these being described as HTML elements but they are pretty much one and the same thing now.

if we take a look at some sample text we can see some of them like the paragraph tag they have an opening tag and a closing tag with some information in between them so that's the opening and closing same with the anchor tag these are four links opening and closing HTML content that makes up a part a web page if we were to view that in a browser it could look something like this so the paragraph text is rendered at the top like that the link is right here and the image is at the bottom so when we view a web page in a browser it's just an HTML file that we're viewing so we use these different kinds of tags inside the HTML file to tell the browser 

what type of content e want each part of the document to be and the order that it shoud be in then the browser renders that HTML content into a viewable web page that we can browser online so HTML is core language that povides the backbone of a website and it's all to do with how we store content using these different types of tags now

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