What is the HML language, and what is its use?

What is the HML language, and what is its use

A typical website page consists of three different layers that work together to provide the user experience: a content layer, or the information you see on the page; a presentation layer that handles how that information looks; and a behavior layer that lets users interact with that page. CSS, or cascading style sheets, provide the presentation layer and create the visual style of webpages using colors, typography, layout, and more. The behavior layer is handled by javascript to add interactivity to the page. for example, popping up a large image when a user clicks a small image.

HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, provides the content layer and forms the structural foundation of a webpage. It's the language common to every website. So if you want to build your own website, web application, or edit other websites apps, you'll need to understand HTML.

In this article, we will learn about what the CSS language is, what it is used for, the free sites to get templates in HML and CSS, and the best HML editor on Android.

So what is meant by html?

HTML is the language that websites use to contain their content. It's basically just a document that your browser can open, which will then display a webpage. Every website uses HTML, but they use it in different ways. Even a complex A web app like Google Docs uses HTML, although it also uses other code like JavaScript. So anytime you visit a website in your browser, know that HTML is playing an important role.

HTML stands for hypertext markup language, and hypertext is any text that can be displayed on a computer screen and contains links to other texts or hypertext documents.

The web is a collection of billions of documents interconnected by hyperlinks. A markup language provides meaning to text in a document using instructions that describe how text should be structured, formatted, and laid out. HTML is a markup language the browser uses to present information to users,link text,links,images,and videos. 


the language is one of the oldest and most widely used in designing web pages.Here we will summarize the basic uses of HTML.

  1. Creating web pages is the primary use of the HTML language.
  2. HTML is used to add images, videos, audio files, and other multimedia to a web page.
  3. HTML enables you to add headings, paragraphs, and other lists to a web page.
  4. The HTML language enables you to link web pages on the same site or from another site through hyperlinks.
to give a clearer understanding of how HTML works to create the final version of a web page. HTML is only for page content; CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will be what gives us features like customizing design, layouts, changing color, font, and alignment of elements.

Websites To Ge Free HTML CSS Templates


BOOTSTRAPMADE Includes 91+ free bootstrap themes that have been downloaded over 8,001,777 times.


Free CSS includes 3552 free website templates; all templates are free CSS templates.


HTML5UP contains more than 80 responsive website templates.


COLORLID includes over 1000 Bootstrap templates and adds new ones daily.


UIDECK is designed specifically for enterprises, startups, and CRM with apps, events, programs, agencies, resumes, and portfolios.

Top HTML Editors on Android

The best HTML code editors on Android. As a developer, you know that coding on a phone can be a pain, but with these apps, you can build websites on your phone with ease. They will allow you to code, debug, and test your web applications on a mobile device.

It is one of the best code editors for mobile devices. It offers features like syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages, multiple tabs so you can type in multiple files at once, improved keyboard find and replace, and multiple color schemes.

It offers more features than Squoreclece, unlike Squoreclece. You can preview your web pages within the app or open the mini-browser. An auto-completion error highlighting Github integration and a Javascript console are included in our code. You get more themes and customization options, plugins, and a format. This is an awesome app for developers.

anwriter you might be asking yourself, What if I wanted an editor with the simplicity of Squirtle CE and the power of our code and writer? Your answer is that it is a simple UI that does not try to overwhelm you with features, so each feature it has feels more useful. You can edit your web pages or create new web apps with it. syntax highlighting code completion and FTP server find and replace basic formatting and a simple but beautiful design.

If you've ever dreamed of using vs. code on your mobile device, then XERA is what you should download. The layout resembles a desktop development environment rather than a mobile app. Advanced features like screen display allow you to open two files in the same window. git integration, color picker, and customization options XERA is technically a PHP editor, but I use it for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

Treb-Edit is another app you use that's worth mentioning. It is fully-fledged HTML-coded data with some unique and advanced features. My favorites are the lipsum generator, the extended keyboard, and the inner browser. The inner browser is a console and a device emulator to simulate what your pages might look like on screens of different sizes.

Spk Editor is by far the best HTML editor on Android. This thing is regularly updated and has the best features of them all. It's supposed to get BeatBucket, GitLab, and Azure Integration to work with libraries and frameworks like React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Angular, Typescript, etc. If you are using a tablet, you can enable tablet mode, which allows you to do split displays, giving you the ability to edit your pages and see the changes spontaneously.


HTML describes the page structure of a website, and HTML elements tell the website how to display content. I hope this article helped you know what HTML is. Now you can start learning more about HTML.

Thank you so much for reading and having a great time.

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