Bootstrap5-What are the new features in Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap5-What are the new features in Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap is a frontend CSS and JavaScript framework that allows us to quickly make mobile-first responsive websites. It includes pre-made components like navigation bars, models, tables, tooltips, buttons, accordions, and loads of others, along with the CSS needed to style them.

It also comes fully backed with a responsive CSS grid system that we can use to distribute content onto our web pages, and all this means that we can pretty quickly create nice-looking interactive websites without having to write a single line of CSS or JavaScript.

Bootstrap is really easy to customize. bootstrap2, meaning if you don't like some particular styles, like the default theme colors, for example, you can change them to something that you like, and on top of all these features, it takes care of browser compatibility so that your website looks pretty good on any modern browser and device.

In this article, we will learn about the history and versions of Bootstrap and what the new features are in Bootstrap 5.

Bootstrap:Version History

It's time to know the history of bootstrap: when it was launched and who launched it. It is called 'Version History'.

1.The first version was released in 2011 on Twitter.

2.Total number of releases: 20+ releases.

  •    includes three major rewrites (V2, V3, and V4).

3.Current stable version:v5.

4.Latest version release:v5.

  •   Alpha version as of date: August 2020.
  •   stable version as of May 2021.

Bootstrap 5: New Features

  • Bootstrap 5 has dropped JQuery; it's dropped JQuery, and now it just uses vanilla JavaScript for its components, so that's one less dependency we have to load in.
  • Forms have been revamped. It's revamped the way it works with form elements, and it's been given a more dedicated section in the documents.
  • Right-to-Left (RTL) support has been added; it's added support for right-to-left designs, and there's a whole section of documentation about RTL support and how to implement it. By the way, right-to-left design just means that text on a web page will read from right to left, so for certain languages that use right to left, this is a huge step forward.
  • New utility class (positioning, font size, border radius, etc.) It's also added a lot of new utility classes to the mix, so now we have extra utility classes for positioning font size, border radius, etc.
  • Minor changes to some components and grid (Jumbotron gone) changes to spacing classes as well as a couple of minor updates to the grid layout and other components. It has also removed the jumbotron component, but thanks to a lot of the new utility classes, it's really easy to replicate something like that in your design, which is also fairly new to bootstrapping.
  • Bootstrap icon :Bootstrap icon, and although not specific to Bootstrap 5, they are a fairly new edition.
  • Offcanvas & Accordion are two new components that have been added to the mix. Off Canvas is a component that looks like a typical sidebar; it pops into the screen from the left or from the right, but it can also come in from the top and from the bottom too. This is a really good component for any extra navigation links or information you want to show a user after they click on a button or something; we're going to see it in action later on. 

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