Best Resources For learning PHP-Learn PHP( Fast & Free)

Best Resources For learning PHP

For beginners and WordPress developers, PHP is one of the best starting points. It is a very simple and straightforward language, which makes it one of the best programming languages to learn. It is therefore very easy to learn and forms the basis for online development. In addition, if you want to work on the WordPress backend, you definitely need to learn it.

But what if you don't want to spend months or years studying expensive university courses? Instead, you can take the first step towards website development today. In this article, you will discover many resources to learn PHP for free.

The top 10 reasons to learn PHP

PHP is very popular, so PHP is one of the most popular server-side languages out there. It powers about 80 percent of websites on the internet, which is a large number of websites. So you know that if you learn PHP now your skills are not going to go in vain. It won't disappear at any time, so it's a good choice. websites like WordPress all those WordPress websites.

  1. All WordPress websites use PHP, including Facebook and Wikipedia. Those are very powerful websites that use PHP, so you know not to go anywhere anytime soon.
  2. PHP is easy to learn, so PHP is one of the easiest languages to learn. There is a very gentle learning curve there, so as a beginner, you won't have much trouble getting into it, and because it's so popular, of course there are other experienced programmers.
  3. PHP is open source software that is free to use, so you can simply get started immediately. No cash is required; just download a program like ZAMP and you're ready to go. This makes PHP very accessible to everyone.
  4. Frameworks in PHP There are a lot of powerful frameworks such as Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter, so these make it easy for you to build complex applications with minimal effort, so if you're the type that doesn't like to do things from scratch, you can use frameworks to speed up your workflow.
  5. PHP is very fast for a scripting language, which makes it very good even for large websites.
  6. PHP is cross-platform, so you can run your PHP application on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux applications that you've built, for example, a point-of-sale system. It doesn't matter what the client's system is; I know I can install it on that system, so that's a plus right there.
  7. PHP You can use several types of databases if you're using something like PDO, so you can connect to a MySQL, Postgres, or even Oracle database, which makes it a very good choice for making dynamic websites or web applications because you can't make a dynamic web application without a database, so if it connects to more database types,.
  8. Scalability, so with PHP, you don't need to change any of your code if your website becomes larger unless you want to add, for example, that it can handle a very large scale and a very large volume of traffic, which makes it very good for building large websites. If you need to scale very quickly, it's good for such websites, but there's also a lot of criticism about that when you're scaling.
  9. PHP is very popular. There's a large number of well-experienced programmers already that are willing to contribute to the growth of PHP itself and also the help community, so if you have a problem with your PHP, you can simply type a question; chances are somebody already asked that question and somebody already answered that question, so if you have a problem or an error, you can easily fix it because of the large community.
  10. The job market is very popular now because PHP is very popular. Of course, there are a lot of customers for PHP, so chances are if you get a client for web development, there's going to be some PHP involved, so.

If you are learning PHP now, your skill will come in handy eventually because, as of now, eight percent of websites are using PHP, so definitely there's always going to be demand.

Best website for learning PHP

If you are  web developer , either you have just started Learning PHP or you are an experienced PHP developer. You must know about these Learning resources for PHP development because they are one of the best on the web. 



w3schools is one of the best learning resources for PHP developers, especially beginners.



Tutorials created by experts in PHP programming.



resource for learning PHP and enhancing your web development skills.



Tutorials, live demos, and downloading source code features will help more with PHP programming.



Learn from the best minds in the industry on Dev Zone, which has great advice and tips on how to succeed with your PHP coding.



Learn about different PHP frameworks on this website.


PHP classes

A PHP Classes repository website where you can find many great PHP classes code created for different purposes.

8.WWW.COURSESRA.ORG Database Applications in PHP by Courses. It is suitable for intermediate levels. Is 24 hours long. It's taught by a professor with a 4.8 on Coursera and offers financial aid. It also offers a certificate of completion.

9.WWW.PLURALSIGHT.COM It is suitable for beginners. It is half an hour long. It's taught by a Microsoft MVP with 8 courses on Pluralsight. Offers a free 10-day trial. Has a hands-on project included.

10.WWW.LINKED.COM Functional Programming with PHP by LinkedIn Learning is suitable for advanced levels. is two and a half hours long, and it's taught by an expert full-stack developer. It offers a certificate of completion.

Top 13 Youtube Channels for Learning PHP Language

Many people consider YouTube an educational platform, not an entertainment one. If you are one of them and want to learn programming PHP, you are in the right place. Here I will present to you the best YouTube channels for learning PHP.

Top 5 PHP book for beginner and advance 

If you are someone who likes to learn the PHP language by reading books, here is the appropriate list of the top 5 PHP programming books that should be in the library of every beginner and intermediate PHP developer. The book generally describes MySQL as the preferred relational database management system in the PHP language.

1.PHP & MySQL web development

PHP & MySQL web development

Building Websites Using PHP and MySQL” This book is written by Luke Welling. The book describes the basics of the PHP language and explains how to set up and use a MySQL database. You will also learn how to use PHP to interact with the database and server. To view on Amazon, click here.

2.Programming PHP Creating Dynamic Web Pages

Programming PHP Creating Dynamic Web Pages: Everything that a developer needs to know for creating an efficacious web application is in the programming PHP book, in addition to the syntax and programming technique.

A PHP book is a photo that, for example, illustrates the correct usage of common items in programming. PHP starts with an overview of the possibility of a PHP program and then moves on to cover the foundations of the web scripting language, which include arrays. Function objects and strings are unique about this book; they also cover content that is not covered in most PHP books, like graphics files and databases like SQLite and MongoDB.To view on Amazon, click here.

3.murach's PHP MySQl

murach's PHP MySQl

this book divided into four sections.

  • In the first section, you'll learn how to develop, test, and debug your first PHP application.
  • In the second section, you will learn skills like how to work with form data, alloy session cookies, objects, and regular expressions.
  • The third section of this book teaches you how to design and create databases.
  • The last section teaches you how to specialize in web skills.
To view on Amazon, click here.



PHP inaction object design agility This book is for programmers who develop applications in PHP and want to learn more than object-oriented practice principles and techniques and how to apply them to the everyday challenges of web programming. It is a one-off leading book for advancing in PHP.

PHP inaction helped hundreds of thousands of web developers looking to live in the benefit of PHP.

To view on Amazon, click here.



PHP & MySQL are always to Ninja. This is well-lit, engaging, and more than satisfactory. It covers the basics of PHP as well as MySQL, hence the makeup for the excellent PHP book for newcomers. Structured structured PHP programming publishing MySQL data on the web, content formatting, and content management systems are covered by PHP and MySQL Nova Stone Engine additionally.

PHP and my square take on relational database design, advanced SQL queries, and access control.To view on Amazon, click here.


If you want to learn PHP, you have to start somewhere. Choose a PHP learning path that suits your learning style, and you can become proficient in the PHP language without paying for expensive university courses. You must know that learning is not limited only to courses or reading documents, but rather the web is constantly evolving, so you must always stay up to date, create pioneering applications, or find work in new fields. PHP is just the beginning.

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