What is Kotlin, and why should you learn it?


Kotlin is widely used for Android development and is used by more than 60 percent of professional Android developers for their projects.

In this article, you will learn about what the Kotlin language is, what its advantages are, and which companies use it.

Why the Kotlin Language?

Koline is one of the most dynamic and widely used programming languages.

In May 2017, Google announced that it would be the official language for Android app development. After this announcement, the number of vacancies in Kotlin increased significantly. Since then, the number of Kotlin job postings has doubled every quarter. According to Dice, it is a very user-friendly language and easy to maintain and debug, so it is a good language to start with.

Kotlin has a bright future, as it is widely used for Android development. Companies like Google, Nextfix, and Pinterest are just a few of the companies that use Kotlin. Therefore, becoming a Kotlin developer will accelerate your career development.

What is kotlin?

Kotlin is an Android application programming language developed by Jet Brains. It is an open-source and statically typed language. It also includes object-oriented programming and functional programming features.

Kotlin is interoperable with Java, which means that both languages can share and use information. Like the Java compiler, the Kotlin compiler also generates byte code that can be run on the JVM. It can also be said that Kotlin is a type of Java with some additional features. Java libraries can also be used in a Kotlin project. While Java is a really great language, Kotlin developers have focused more on simplifying the code and increasing clarity.

History of kotlin

In 2011, Kotlin development decisions were issued. In February 2016, Kotlin was released. In 2017, Google announced premium support for Kotlin on Android. Version 1.2 was later released with features such as code sharing between the JVM and JavaScript. Various versions were later published, e.g., Kotlin 1.3 in 2018, Kotlin 1.4 in 2020, Kotlin 1.5 in 2021, etc.

where is kotlin used 

  • the server-side programming.
  • the Client-side programming.
  • Android development.
Kotlin is used for mobile and server applications, client-side with Javascript or JavaFx, and data science, just to name a few possibilities.

Companies that use Kotlin

Kotline is one of the famous languages used by many big technology companies, such as:
  • Google.
  • UBER.
  • Pinterest.
  • Evernote.
  • Urban Clap.
  • Trello.

Features of Kotlin

There are many features of kotlin, some of which are as follows:

  • Ease of use It is a very beginner-friendly language,similar to Java in many aspects. Kotalin's high-level syntax helps learners understand easily.
  • Efficiency It is 20% less long than Java. It is easy to learn. Its syntax is intuitive and lean.
  • Interoperability Java code in Kotlin and vice versa. keeps developer productivity high. There is no need to switch codes.
  • Extensions add extra features to existing components. Extend a class to avoid creating a new one. can work with code without accessing a tool.

IDEs for Kotlin

There are many IDEs of kotlin, which are as follows:

What is the difference between Java and Kotlin?

Java is a strictly typed language meaning all the variable are declared with a type when created.On other hand, kotlin is statically typed.that is it decides the type of the variable hen the value is assigned
any chunk of code written in kotlin is much mor easy to understand, cleaner and precise.
In terms of app development ,kotlin is very to compile,lightweight, and at the same time it prevents the application from increasing in size.

Why you should develop android app using kotlin?

  1. you do more lese , no boiler plate code.
  2. write safer code , no Null Point Exception errors.
  3. structured Concurrency ,kotlin coroutines makes asynchronous code easy to work with blocking code.

What are the best resources to learn Kotlin?

Kotlin is the in-demand language for Android development. Many software projects replace Java with coaching. If you want to learn this Kotlin language, here are three resources:
  1. Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers by Google on Udacity.
  2. Surprisingly a blog post on medium.
  3. Develop Andrid apps with Kotlin.

How to become an Android developer?

want to make Android apps faster and make a lot of money, so these are five steps to follow

  1. Search the trends for the Google Play Store. Like the GST calculator, you have a chat GPT trick.
  2. Use the latest Android tools and keep up-to-date, for example, with the RX Java Observer design pattern, because it makes internet requests much faster and a smoother retrofit for smooth HTTP requests.
  3. Your Android app uses a different thread for a process like a calculation, which takes a lot of time. Now, finally, I use appicon.co to create an icon for my app before publishing it to play.
  4. tested using espresso or mojito, my app has a lot of images, or if you're creating a wallpaper app, you used the Picasso library because you can put the photos on the interface and it's much faster to download.
  5. app to the Play Store by paying $25. This is just one time, and I can publish unlimited apps after that.

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