What is javaScript - How to learn JavaScript?

Meaning of JavaScript

Script is a programming language used by developers to create applications, interactive web pages, game development, and much more. JavaScript includes many features, including that it is a dynamic, lightweight, functional, and interpreted language. This makes it the best programming language, according to GitGub and the StackOverflow develope.

what is javascript-How to learn javascript?

JavaScript is a client-side programming language that allows browsers to respond to user interaction and change the layout of content on a web page. JavaScript is also used for server-side development through the use of libraries and frameworks created by JavaScript developers.

Learn JavaScript for beginner

Learning a new programming language is like learning anything else: it requires solid fundamentals, that is, a comprehensive understanding of the basics , so that you can pass the difficult stages of the language. By sticking to this plan, you will be able to understand the basics of JavaScript.

1-Learn JavaScript Commands

The most important point in learning Javascript is to learn the commands  of the language, such as variables, functions, types of data, array, loops, etc.
Through one of these courses, you can learn these things easily:

2-Learn JavaScript DOM

DOM stand of  Document Object Model. Refers to JavaScript commands related to web design. For example, select what happens when clicking on a specific button on the page, displaying a message to the user, etc.

    Through one of these courses, you can learn DOM easily:

    3-Learn JavaScript BOM

    BOM Stand for browser object model. Refers to JavaScript commands to launch the browser itself, allowing access to information available through it, such as The size of the current browser window helps improve the browser's appearance, accessibility, and functionality, as well as the orientation of pages the user has viewed before.

    Professionalism in the JavaScript language requires you to practice solving programming problems and issues and not be satisfied with theoretical knowledge only; you must use it immediately until it is firmly established. edabit. com/challenges This site helps you determine your knowledge and abilities for free. But honing your JavaScript skills requires you to start building and developing multiple ideas. AvaScript30. com This site has 30 amazing projects to start with.

    Free games to learn JavaScript

    Learning a language through play is a lot of fun and, for some people, a great way to visually understand the impact of language.

    Here are seven free games through which you can learn JavaScript.

    • Screeps:ٍScreeps is a fun game.
    • Code Combat:Code Combat is is a game that teaches you basic programming concepts.
    • Robocode:Robocode is a game that helps you develop a robotic combat tank in Java or .NET.
    • Coding Game:Coding Game is a training platform that supports more than 25 languages, through which you can improve your programming skills through fun exercises.
    • JSDares:Learn JavaScript in JSDares by completing the dares..
    • JSRobot:You can learn JavaScript by applying one of the platform games
    • Checkio:Checkio is an additional tool for students to use so they can practice their skills when learning new material.

    Conclusion: In conclusion, we can say that JavaScript is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, Therefore, it is a great native language for anyone just starting out with programming. If you take the time to learn JavaScript, your dedication will be rewarded. This is one of the best sites to learn JavaScrip Pluralsight.com Freecodecamp.org and CodeCamp.org.

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