What is HTML 5 and The Best Courses to Learn HTML 5?

What is HTML 5? The Best Courses to Learn HTML 5

HTML 5 is the latest version of the programming and website creation language, which is a stander for (HyperText Markup) Language. With this new version of HTML, some language elements have been removed, added, and modified.

In this article, we will learn about what HTML5 is, its basic structure, the most important difference between it and HTML, and the most important free courses to learn HTML5.

So what is HTML5?

The new standard is the HTML language. Versions of HTML and HTML 4.01 began in 1999, but web systems have changed a lot since then until now.

HTML5 is a collaborative series between the World Wide Web (W3C) and the Text-based Web Applications Technical Working Group (WATWG). WHATWG was working on creating forms and applications while the Web Organization was working on XHTML 2.0, and in 2006, the two companies decided to work together to create a new and improved version of HTML.

To declare that your page is an HTML5 page, you can use <!DOCTYPE>.

Basic Syntax HTML5

In the next example, the simplest process of creating a web page using HTML5 is:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <title> Page title </title>
  Page content

The difference between HTML and HTML5



Without using the Flash Player, audio and video were not supported.

Supports sound and video playback by adding audio and video elements.

To store temporary data, cookies are used.

The SQL databases and the applications memory for the application are used to store data without internet connection.

JavaScript cannot be implemented in the browser.

Thanks to the Js Web Worker API in HTML5, JavaScript is allowed in the background.

With the help of various technologies like VML, Silverlight, and Flash, vector graphics are available in HTML.

Field graphics like SVG and Canvas are an integral part of HTML5.

Drag-and-drop effects are not allowed.

Enable drag-and-drop effects

Shapes such as circles, rectangles, triangles, etc., you cannot draw.

Shapes such as circles, rectangles, triangles, etc. can be drawn using HTML5.

It supports all old browsers.

It works with all new browsers, like Firefox, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, etc.

Elements that were not present, like navigation and the head of the page.

In HTML5, there are new web structure elements like navigation, headers, and bottom sections.

Less response to mobile devices

More response to mobile devices

 The DOCTYPE declaration is complex and very long.

The DOCTYPE declaration is very simple and easy.

Character encoding is long and complex.

Coding the letters is simple and easy.

It is almost impossible to obtain the real geographical location of the user with the help of the browser.

One can track the geographic location of the user easily using the Js Geology API.

He cannot deal with building an inaccurate sentence.

HTML is able to deal with inaccurate grammar

                                                   Signs like Charistet, Async, and Ping are not in HTML.

Charset, Async, and Ping features are part of HTML 5.

 learn HTML 5 with the best free courses

  Here, we will provide several HTML5 courses designed to suit your needs.

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